Construction Licensing Board
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Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board

Office Location
12600 Belcher Road, Suite 102, Largo, FL 33773 map
Investigator Line:727-582-3112 -- Phone: 727-582-3100 -- Fax: 727-453-3523
Weekend Investigator Line:727-480-4301
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30PM - Monday through Friday

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PCCLB Specialty Contractors must have all education requirements satisfied and current in order to renew license(s) online for 2013.
For 2013 renewals, the following mandatory continuing education requirements are as following for PCCLB specialty contractors:

(a) Specialized or advanced module course approved by the Florida Building Commission or the Board
(b) Workplace safety;
(c) Business practices;
(d) Workers’ compensation;
(e) Laws and rules regulating the construction industry;
(f) Wind mitigation methodologies if license is held in the following categories: specialty structure or glass and glazing.

14 total hours are required. The continuing education requirement is effective for 2013 renewals. Balance of hours after mandatory, are courses of your choice. Contractor licenses issued after January 1, 2013 to Pinellas county Certified contractors will not be required to produce Continuing education and will not be able to renew licenses online. They must renew by mail or come to the PCCLB office between 8:00am to-4:00PM

License Renewals

Note: The PCCLB will not renew licenses for contractors doing Marine Pile Driving, Dock & Seawall construction, Jetty or Breakwater, Dike or Revetment Construction without proof of USL&H coverage and/or workers’ compensation insurance coverage with class code 6006F.

The Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board was created in 1973 by a Special Act of the Legislature to regulate the construction industry in Pinellas County. Since the Board was created by an Act of the Legislature, it operates as a separate and autonomous policy-making body.

The function of the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board, also known as the PCCLB, is to regulate certain construction and home improvement contractors practicing in all Pinellas jurisdictions.

In addition, the Board adopts and amends the Family of building codes 2004 for application and enforcement countywide to provide safe, economic, and sound buildings and structures throughout Pinellas County.

The Florida Building Code may be obtained at:

Florida Building Code, Southern Building Code
3600 7th Court South
Birmingham, Alabama, 35222-4509
Telephone : 205-599-9837

Click here for the Florida Building Codes website.

The PCCLB provides countywide certification and registration of contractors and countywide certification of journeyman. The required experience verification for each classification is listed below.

All examinations are open-book. Examinations are conducted in each separate classification of contractor and journeyman by an independent testing agency . To become certified in any classification, an individual must pass that particular examination with a score of at least 70%. Applications are available.

The Board registers contractors otherwise licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Such contractors are required to provide proof of proper insurance.
The PCCLB has a policy of reciprocity with other Florida jurisdictions.
Countywide Board of Adjustment and Appeals
Under the provisions of the law, the PCCLB is assigned the responsibility for enacting appropriate amendments to the countywide codes. Additionally, the various specialized appeals boards interpret the codes when any provision is ambiguous or in conflict with other codes, or to allow alternate materials or types of construction.
A person wishing to file a complaint Adobe Acrobat Reader file against a PCCLB certified contractor must complete a complaint form and submit it, with supporting documentation, to the PCCLB. The complaint will be investigated and appropriate action taken.
Change of Status
If a licensed contractor wishes to change his/her status with the PCCLB, change of status forms are available.
Pinellas Gulf Beaches Coastal Construction Code
PGBCCC effective since 12/10/2001Adobe Acrobat Reader file
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Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board Continuing Education Requirements Adobe Acrobat Reader file (Required since September 30, 2005)

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